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About me

Stefano Bolcato lives and works in Rome. He started as a self-taught in the 80s, later he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with Alfonso Avanessian and Giovanni Arcangeli at the Ornamental Arts School in Rome. Drawing, painting, photography and video are the expressive forms used for his work. Themes and subjects vary in the artistic proposal of Stefano Bolcato, the main part of his production is figurative painting. A research that moves between metaphysical atmospheres, social themes and particular attention to the value of the artistic and cultural heritage.

Recent exhibitions

PEOPLE - Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno, 2016
curated by Giuseppe Ariano (Fonderie Culturali) and Davide Boselli, Claudia Ferrini (Zoe Art & Culture)
European Cuteness Art - Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
curated by Giancarlo Carpi (Studio Soligo)
The BESTiarium - The Civic Museum of Zoology in Rome, 2015
curated by Mirko Pierri (a.DNA Project)
Corporate Art - GNAM National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, 2014
By Luca Desiata (PptArt)
Contamination 014 - Italian Cultural Institute of Bucharest, Romania, 2014
curated by Raffaele Soligo and Giancarlo Carpi (Studio Soligo)
Once upon a time ... play and toy - MACRO La Pelanda, Rome, 2013
curated by Valeria Arnaldi
The party is over – GiaMaArt Studio, Vitulano (BN), 2012
curated by Carolina Lio
DADAUMPOP – Italian Cultural Institute, New Delhi,India 2011
curated by Igor Zanti

Public collection

Palazzo Simoni Fè, Bienno (BS)

Authors who wrote about him

Igor Zanti, Director of IED Venice, critic and curator Arte Laguna Prize Mario Gerosa, writer and journalist, AD architectural digest Valeria Arnaldi, curator, writer and journalist, Il Messaggero Rome

Prizes and Awards

AVICOM video award - ICOM (International Council of Museums) 2016
Award ORA 2012
INAIL Award 2012
Arte Laguna Prize 2011
Combat Award 2010
Celeste Prize 2009
CERES for Art 2009

Art galleries

L’Archimede, Roma Bruce Lurie Gallery, Los Angeles GiaMaArt Studio, Vitulano (BN)


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