About me

Stefano Bolcato lives and works in Rome. He started as a self-taught in the 80s, later he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with Alfonso Avanessian and Giovanni Arcangeli at the Ornamental Arts School in Rome.

Drawing, painting, photography and video are the expressive forms used for his work. Since he began his artistic and exhibition activity, Stefano Bolcato has worked on different themes and subjects.

In 2006, he has chosen his favorite toy from when he was a child to perform his artworks.

The recent production formally looks at Pop Art, taking inspiration from the masterpieces and great masters of art history, without forgetting the famous people of our present.

His works have been exhibited in many galleries and institutional spaces, in Italy and abroad, Spain, United States, Austria, Bulgaria, India.

Selected exhibitions

The Philadelphia Show / Philadelphia Museum of Art / curated by Rehs Contemporary Gallery Artists 4 Refugees / Studio 420 / Roma / curated by Paola Sinigaglia Refugees Welcome Italia LEGO LIFE / Museo della Permanente / Milano / curated by Arthemisia

Brick House Art / Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporane/ Arezzo / curated by Gian Luca Rosai I LOVE LEGO / Pinacoteca Civica di Reggio Calabria / curated by Arthemisia Brick Art / Palazzo Belloni / Bologna / curated by Next Exhibition and Galleria Pisacane I LOVE LEGO / Villa Reale / Monza / curated by Arthemisia Un nuovo sogno ogni giorno / Galleria Pavart / Roma / curated by Greta Alberta Tirloni I LOVE LEGO / Palazzo Trinci / Foligno / curated by Arthemisia ILOVE LEGO / Spazio Murat / Bari / curated by Arthemisia

Alter Ego & Friends /Galleria Pop Corner/ curated by Barbara Cella and Alessandro Piano I LOVE LEGO / Spazio Murat/ Bari / curated by Arthemisia Il Gioco Riflesso / Galleria Nazionale / Cosenza / curated by Aurelia Nicolosi Premio Mestre di Pittura / mostra dei finalisti / Centro Culturale Candiani Mestre/ curated by Circolo Veneto and Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia Tattooed / Galleria Afnakafna / Roma / curated by Antonella Caraceni I LOVE LEGO / Museo degli Innocenti / Firenze / curated by Arthemisia I LOVE LEGO / Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano / Padova / curated by Arthemisia

I LOVE LEGO / Palazzo Albergati / Bologna / curated by Arthemisia Dante Plus / Biblioteca di Storia Contemporanea “Alfredo Oriani” / Ravenna / curated by Marco Miccoli I LOVE LEGO / Museo PALP Palazzo Pretorio / Pontedera (PI) / curated by Arthemisia

Cuore / Galleria Afnakafna / Roma / curated by Antonella Caraceni I LOVE LEGO / Palazzo Bonaparte / Roma / curated by Arthemisia Le idee degli altri / Galleria Afnakafna / Roma / curated by Antonella Caraceni

I LOVE LEGO / Museo della Permanente / Milano / curated by Arthemisia Artificae Plantae / Galleria Afnakafna / Roma / curated by Antonella Caraceni

Ultrapop / Sala Orsini Palazzo Chigi / Formello (Roma) curated by Valeria Arnaldi, Pier Luigi Manieri

PEOPLE / Museo Archeologico Provinciale di Salerno / curated by Giuseppe Ariano (Fonderie Culturali), Davide Boselli, Claudia Ferrini (Zoe Art&Culture)

European Cuteness Art / Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art Sofia / Bulgaria / curated by Giancarlo Carpi (Studio Soligo) The BESTiarium / Museo Civico di Zoologia / Roma / curated by Mirko Pierri (a.DNA Project)

Corporate Art / GNAM Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna / Roma / curated by Luca Desiata (PptArt)

Contaminazioni 014 / Istituto Italiano di Cultura / Bucarest, Romania / curated by Raffaele Soligo, Giancarlo Carpi (Studio Soligo)

C’era una volta, gioco e giocattolo / MACRO La Pelanda / Roma / curated by Valeria Arnaldi

EcoArte Biennale Shingle22j / Forte Sangallo / Nettuno / curated by Associazione Culturale 00042

DADAUNPOP, The Italian new POP – itinerant exhibition project in the cities of Mumbai, Calcutta in New Delhi. Exhibition promoted and supported by the Italian Embassy in India, Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai, Consulate General of Italy in Calcutta, Italian Institute of Culture in New Delhi, 2011 curated by Igor Zanti

Codice 01 / Chiostro del Bramante / Roma / curated by Natalia de Marco e Stefano Elena

Public collection (selection)

Pinacoteca Collezione Morandini  / Palazzo Simoni Fè D’Ostiani (BS)

Prizes & Awards (selection)

Premio Mestre di Pittura Prize / 2022
ICOM (International Council Of Museums) video / 2017
INAIL Prize / Sicurezza sul lavoro / 2013
ORA Prize / 2012
Arte Laguna Prize / 2008 – 2010
Combat Prize / 2010
Ceres for Art Prize / 2009
Celeste Prize / 2007 – 2009


Premio Mestre di Pittura / Mestre (VE) 2022
Artificae Plantae / Afnakafna Art Gallery / Rome 2019
Corporate Art / GNAM National Gallery of Modern Art / Rome 2015
Contaminazioni 014 / Istitute of Italian Culture in Bucarest / Romania 2014
C’era una volta gioco e giocattolo / MACRO La Pelanda / Roma 2013
DADAUNPOP The Italian new POP / Mumbai, Calcutta in New Delhi 2011
Laguna Art PrizeArte / Venice 2008 – 2010
Codice 01 / Roma / Chiostro del Bramante 2008


Black Label Magazine / Label Magazini / Poland 2018
LEGO e altri giocattoli / by Valeria Arnaldi / Ed. Ultra Roma 2017
PLASTIKMAGAZINE n.31 / Ed. Plastik Studio / Beirut Lebanon 2017